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  • Bloom's Taxonomy and Cognitive Rigor

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Accomodation Guidelines.pdf
Accomodation Guidelines.pdf

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Field Tests

*Test administrators should not move around within or leave the portal at anytime
during the test session, as it will stop the session.*

Test set-up/log-in

Students will log in through the secure browser installed on the computers identified at each building. They will be required to enter the following information. (It is recommended that each building export and print the confirmation code and State SSID from the TIDE system -choose Student Information, and export to Excel for printing, and distribution of a “log-in ticket” to each student.)

Confirmation Code: Student First Name
State SSID: MI- (followed by student UIC Number)
Session ID: Provided by Teacher (after test session has been set up)

Teachers will log in through the SBAC portal (
The dialog for the actual test can be found on pages 46-51 of the Teachers Manual.
Test Selection and Session ID

Reminders and Troubleshooting

Text to Speech option. You may use it with ELA items, but not reading passages. When the student right clicks on the text, the audio (question and responses) is activated. The student must right click a second time to stop it. Otherwise, it will continue for the entire page. The same works for the Math portion. It is not available for the ELA Performance Task. The student should be able to control the speed and volume. This is a designated support and an accommodation, and must be added to the TIDE system before testing.

Note taking: While the embedded notepad “Global Notes," is the preferred mode for note taking, students also may use scratch paper to make notes. All scratch paper must be collected and securely destroyed at the end of each assessment.
The retention of scratch paper is only allowed for the ELA PT. The notes are retained from Part 1 to Part 2 so that the student may go back to the notes even though the student is not able to go back to specific items in Part 1.

Classroom Activity Reminders
Download the assigned Classroom Activity at least one or two days before the scheduled delivery of your Classroom Activity and Performance Task.

Print on Demand: If an accommodated student requires Print on Demand, and that information was sent to Deb for entry in the TIDE system, please be aware of the following required action.
We have encountered problems whereby the student chooses the print command and receives a message that “the browser does not support this action.” To resolve this, the test must be administered on a computer that has the Mozilla Firefox as the default browser. (The student will still log on to the test using the SBAC Secure Browser 6.3.)

Test Selection
If the Test administrator is experiencing difficulty when selecting the test, please

Equipment Needs

Testing on laptops: mice, headphones, power strips
Desktops: headphones