5th Grade ELA Standards Addressed

Possible Ideas

American Gothic: Grant Wood


  • Making Thinking Visible : Zoom Routine on a piece of artwork
  • CSI (different pieces of art...may just use the color part)
  • Chalk Talk on different styles of art

  • Have students create a mock resume for their person Online resume templates


  • Lessons: Questioning, note taking, citing, website evaluation, searching...

  • Artwork around the building with QR codes for information about the artist and time period.

  • Inquiry: Have students generate questions regarding different artists, different styles, or show artwork and have them generate questions (Think-Puzzle-Explore) Possibly group students according to interests in styles

  • Book with picture with a QR code to more information

  • Compare different styles
  • Research on styles of art referencing different artists

  • Students can be grouped according to interest (interests in style)
  • Use Show Me with a picture painter.jpgthen narration of information and/or use the picture to create an original picture with the same style (See below)

  • Voice Thread: picture with narration and have others comment

  • Artists work around school with QR codes

  • Trading Cards (artwork or artist or both on front information on the back)

  • Encyclopedia type page (discussing styles of art and/or artists) Include text features: Table of contents, headings, subheadings, glossary, links, citations

  • Fake Facebook on the artist

  • Timeline of different styles tied with history
  • Students take a picture from the researched style of artwork and then create their own picture. Display throughout building for parents and students (include QR code for information regarding style). Could be done in Show Me app
  • QR code can go to recording of narration, video (students present as if they are the artist, interview, glogster...)
  • Postcard sent home with picture on the front and short info. on the back with a QR code to get more information from the student (video, recording, text...)

Have check-ins over the span of the project. Send each "check in" home to be signed or have parents do the checking and send in the signed form.

The Starry Night: Vincent Van Gogh

Have students provide feedback to each other at different check-in points.

Have students present at the DIA or in class while others listen and note 3 key ideas. (listening and speaking skills)

Assigning artist or style: Students can choose style or artist to research by looking at different pieces (different styles) and choose one they like the most.

Resources for Famous Artists:

Information and Videos

Artists' Biographical Information

Facts on Many Famous Artists

Artist from around the world

Vincent Van Gogh and more bios and artwork

Art Institute of Chicago

A Collection Artists' Work

Video Collection of Various Artists

Discovery Learning

Resources for styles of art

Information of various styles

Styles of Art