famous people.jpg
famous people.jpg
(higher readers)
(higher readers BUT have videos)

Note sheet:

Can find copyright friendly images and place in Common Folder or have students draw a picture of their own and take a digital pic

Character Ed. Connections with all options

Name someone you admire now. Character trait you would like to live up to

Note taking lesson ahead of time. Very basic. (bullet points, eliminating simple words..)

  • What do you think you know about this topic?

  • What questions or puzzles do you have?

  • How can you explore this topic? What did you learn from your explorations?

Possible Ideas:

  • Draw a picture of your person, post to Voice Thread and narrate biographical information (comments from parents and other students) OR ShowMe iPad app

  • PhotoStory with pictures documenting the different parts of the person's life and then narration for each picture

  • Trading Cards: Create a trading card with picture of person on the front and information on the back (Share with class so they learn about different people)

  • Interview each other in the role of the person researched (video tape and post. Option to dress up, props, etc.)

  • Have other students in the class generate character ed traits of a person other than the one they did (listen to report of another and generate their ideas)

  • Wordle (ABCya word cloud): List at least 4 character traits your person has. Write more for the ones that are more evident)

Conclusion Ideas
  • What new questions do you have
  • How did this person contribute to society
  • Lesson you learned from this person
  • Connect the person to another real life person or character


  • I used to think...

  • But now, I think...