Possible Ideas

  • Kick off with the book Stellaluna: Research information about bats and write a letter to Stellaluna about what it is like to be a bat (informational writing & reading, letter writing)
  • Have students look at sites, video, etc. before starting the unit and have them come in with 3 things they learned and 2 questions they want to explore. Start the inquiry process and establish some prior knowledge with class
    Photo by: Bruce Dale
  • Have students generate questions of interest with
    Think-Puzzle-Explore thinking routine
  • Create a public service announcement related to bat conservation (social issue)
  • Email/Skype bat conservation agencies/DNR as additional informational resources
  • Write a persuasive letter on why we need to conserve bats
  • Start a bat conservation club. Create a school bat garden, educate peers and community
  • Have students predict what animals have more in common? Dolphin, bat, fish, bird, penguin, etc. Have them work to put them in groups and discuss the criteria for the groups. (mammals, fly, etc.) Re-sort after research.
  • Write a spinoff of Are You My Mother with a Bat. Comparing itself to other animals. (No, I'm not your mother. I lay eggs and have feathers. We both fly, but I'm not a mammal.)
Unit ideas and outline

Note Taking Sheets



Live Bat Webcam, bat houses, bat conservation
Bat Facts
Incredible Bats (Bat x-rays, myths and facts..)
Bats and Their Babies
Should We Protect Bats?
Are Bats Like Us?
Why do some people think bats are scary?
What are bats good for?
Vampire Bat

How to help bats
A Bat Fable (similar to Aesops)
Bat Wings
Bats and the Cold?
What's for dinner?
Say Cheese! Bat photos
Bat information, audio clips, movies, and maps
Bat Facts and Sounds
Submit your bat story or read others
Compare bats with other animals and write your own book.
Photo by: Dale BruceVampire Bat